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Subdividing your property  

Some people subdivide their property to convey a newly created lot to a child or grandchild. TFieldhis type of subdivision is called a “family conveyance subdivision”.

Other people subdivide their property to sell. This type of subdivision can be very profitable and is called a “conventional subdivision”. Still other people only want to change a boundary line between their property and their neighbor. This type of subdivision has various names including “re-platting” and “administrative subdivision”.

Subdividing your property can be very rewarding. However, this activity is heavily regulated. Not all properties can be subdivided with the same lot size or density.  Some parcels of land cannot be House Constructionsubdivided at all. There are many reasons for this including size of your property, zoning category, environmental constraints, and adequate public facilities.

We recommend doing your subdivision in a series of steps. Two reasons for this is that fundamental issues should be evaluated first for your property to see what type of issues you may face. Then later intermediary and detailed issues are explored. This type of procedure tends to keep cost down in case you run into major problems.

The first step is to make an appointment with our office to discuss subdividing your property. This meeting is free. Bring with you a copy of your deed and any land survey plats you may have. Those are helpful, but not necessarily essential if you don’t have them.